People talk about purpose, but no one tells you how to get there.










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People talk about PURPOSE, but no one tells you how to get there. 

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These aren't typical conversations.

"The topics were both life-changing and life-saving. She asks all the right questions."


Rabbi Manis Friedman
Author, Counselor, Speaker, Philosopher

"Lauren allowed me to tell the full story. It was like talking to a sister!"


DeLisa Guerrier
Commercial Real Estate Developer, owner Storyville Gardens

"I loved the intimacy and the depth. Lauren is warm, kind and honest."


Frank Castellano
Psychic medium

"Lauren is such a passionate seeker of the truth, which is something we need more of."


Brooke Martin
Speaker, Coach, former News Anchor

"Lauren is so thoughtful and asks questions that are much deeper than the average person and holds space for it in a powerful way."


MaryBeth Hyland
Coach, Speaker, Meditation teacher

So you're the curious type? I approve!


Why start a podcast about purpose?

It's simple! People talk about purpose but no one tells you how to get there. Hear Lauren explain exactly what to expect from every episode.



What the heck is an AMPstigator?

Valid question. Words that are totally new and completely innovative often need a little explanation.



Who's this podcast for?

Lauren explains the exact person she created AMPstigator for and the result she wants every listener to experience.


Is it Purpose?
Here's how you know: