Finding purpose is a journey.
Don't get lost along the way.

Lauren Lowrey explores purpose from every spiritual, emotional  and inspirational angle.


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"Every time I take away one or two (or 20!) a-ha moments from every episode, the next episode can never come out soon enough!!"

- jwill_311

"This podcast is a must listen to for anyone who loves growth, a giggle here and there and moving content!"

- Ball the baller

"Lauren is a powerhouse. She goes so beautifully deep with every guest. She unlocks the best stories with plenty of laughs."

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Seasons 1 & 2

Watch & Listen to AMPstigator's breakout episodes tackling how to find purpose, meaning and fulfilment in your life.


Solo Episodes

Host Lauren Lowrey takes the mic to address spirituality, creativity and the lessons she's learning in real-time.


Season 3

What lessons are high-achieving women learning on the path to purpose? Hear heart-felt lessons and advice!


Solo sessions with Lauren Lowrey

AMPstigator's founder and host takes you on a journey through life lessons in real-time.

Ep. 66: DO LESS

Overdoing it is ingrained in our culture, so how do you break the cycle?

Ep. 65: FACE IT

You felt the trauma now still deal with pain. How do you overcome?

Ep. 64: BE YOU

You're only seeing fractured reflections. Here's how to be you! 

Ep. 63: SHUT UP

You're missing the best part of your spiritual experience, so shut up! 

Ep. 62: I'M SORRY

Your psuedo-apology is causing more harm than good! 

Ep. 61: WHY ME?!

If you say 'Why did I have to deal with that pain?' This episode is for you! 

Ep. 60: WHAT IF?

WHAT IF you could change your reality? It starts with 'WHAT IF.'

Ep. 59: JUST ASK

WHAT IF you could change your reality? It starts with 'WHAT IF.'

Ep. 56:  7 surprising things that happened when I started meditating


Ep. 49: The PROBLEM with your BELIEFS


Ep. 45: We gotta mark the moments, b/c they MATTER!


Ep. 44: 4 Reasons why your creativity needs a vacay


Season 3
What's the lesson here?

AMPstigator's current season explores tough life-lessons.

Hear from our best friends and favorite female collaborators to hear what they're learning on their path to purpose.

Feel better!

Finding Spiritual Surrender

We're NOT settling

Life IS incongruent

Find your voice

Stress LESS


Mental Health Matters

Creativity Heals

Women Hold Wisdom

Don't fit the mold

Just Go for it!

How giving connects us

You have nothing to prove

Trust, allow & let go

Alyssa Rosenheck

Overcoming scarcity

Dr. PaQuita Pullen

Loss teaches about life

You're where you belong

Part 1

Part 2

Seasons 1 & 2

AMPstigator's breakout episodes were all about finding purpose. Hear what best-selling authors, coaches, award winning singer/songwriters and public servants have to say about cultivating meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

The Pathfinder

The Nourisher

The Believer

The Healer, Part 2

The Healer, Part 2

The Healer, Part 2

The Untitled

The Overcomer

Marques Ogden

The Manipulator

The Illuminator

The Liberator

The Devoted

The Awakener

The Soulmates

The Firestarter

Brooke Martin is The Firestarter

The Troubadour

The Provoker

The Excavator

The Healer

The Bridge

The Disruptor

The Transformer

The Storyteller

The Hope Giver

The Groundbreaker

The Truth Teller

MaryBeth Hyland

"Nobody has ever been a mirror in the way that Lauren has. She literally digested what I do and then gave me an entirely new way to talk about it"



Mattie Jackson Selecman

"I’m grateful [Lauren] had such a forward perspective on my story, not just focusing on the loss that happened but focusing on the growth that’s come from it."


Ian Morgan Cron

"This interview was spontaneous! Sometimes the interviews I’m in are not very heartfelt, versus this [which was] 'let’s share heart, let’s talk at the level of the heart."


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