Brittany Cole


Don't be afraid because you're right where you belong!


Ep. 36: You're right where you belong w/ Brittany Cole

Brittany Cole


Don't be afraid because you're right where you belong!

Ep. 36 You're right where you belong w/ Brittany Cole

We should pour from our overflow.

You can't pour from an empty cup and sometimes it takes courage to accept where you are in the present moment and say to yourself: I belong here.

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Repeat after me: I belong here

Sometimes courage can mean standing up for what's right. Other times it's more like accepting where you are in the present moment.

In this episode, speaker/author/entrepreneur Brittany Cole shares the times she's felt she might not belong and how she found courage to keep going. 

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This episode begins with Brittany Cole talking about what "thriving" means to her. Her company "Career Thrivers" helps train and equip leaders, so it's a word she uses often.

  • [3:47] Brittany shares her belief that thriving comes from proper alignment with your gifts and interests, plus when you're aligned, you also operate with ease and flow. 
  • [5:58] Brittany's advice on what to do when you've worked your whole life for a goal, only to reach it and realize it doesn't make you happy.
  • [14:50] You can't pour from an empty cup! Here, Brittany describes how to pour from your overflow.
  • [20:30] Brittany shares today's life lesson: you belong where your feet are! She details the times she's wondered if she's ready for the challenge in front of her. You'll hear how she taps into courage and reminds herself she's been brought to this very moment -- and how you can find the courage, too!

Plus, during the interview [44:48] I was able to make the always-in-control Brittany Cole squirm by asking her one very specific question. SHE ANSWERED IT and shared something her FUTURE PLANS for Career Thrivers. 

🔖 Chapters 🔖
0:36 - Lauren's opening monologue

3:47 - What is 'thriving' to Brittany Cole?
5:58 - When Brittany WASN'T aligned
10:20 - How Brittany finds balance
14:50 - Pour from your OVERFLOW
20:30 - Lesson: "You belong where your feet are"
36:04 - Brittany battling personal identity and labels
44:48 - Brittany's vision for Career Thrivers

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