Alyssa Rosenheck


A personal evolution from workaholic, to cancer survivor, to acclaimed creative


Ep. 39: How to trust, allow & let go

Alyssa Rosenheck


A personal evolution from workaholic, to cancer survivor, to acclaimed creative

AMPstigator Ep. 33
Just go for it!

Peace doesn't just happen.
It's cultivated.

Hear Alyssa describe how life is always speaking to us. We just have to listen.

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Evolve and transform

Alyssa shares her personal evolution from workaholic, to cancer survivor, to acclaimed creative. Her work as a celebrated architectural/interiors photographer provides the metaphors for her own life as she explores the light and shadows in herself. It's been the platform from which she's expanded into titles like 'celebrated speaker' and 'best-selling author.'

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You're going through a heavy time in your life and you want advice on how to handle it

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You're a fan of Alyssa's photography and style

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You're interested in learning how someone can balance their feminine and masculine energies

Ready to be inspired?

Alyssa shares her personal journey and her all-around views on life through stories and laughter. The episode begins with Host Lauren Lowrey's assessment of Alyssa's impressive evolution.

  • [3:33] Alyssa admits she's an old soul but has realized she can redefine who she is as many times as she wants. It's an empowering message for every listener.
  • [9:32] Alyssa shares how creativity saved her life during her battle with cancer and reveals how she felt called to pick up a camera.
  • [21:18] Visualization and meditation are incredibly powerful practices for Alyssa. She begins to share how she uses both and how they play into this episode's life lesson.
  • [41:57] In the final 20 minutes, the conversation turns to the divine feminine energies Alyssa draws on for her creativity.


🔖 Chapters 🔖
0:37 - Lauren’s opening monologue
3:33 - Alyssa is an old soul
5:24 - We get to redefine ourselves, change our story
8:13 - Work. Build. Create.
9:32 - How photography healed Alyssa
14:21 - Alyssa’s lens “identifies holes” in a space
17:34 - Photography plants seeds
19:42 - Alyssa needs inner stillness
21:18 - The power of visualization
23:01 - Alyssa’s a Generator in Human Design
25:17 - ALYSSA’S LESSON - Non, attachment, allowing & listening
34:16 - How do I want to show up today?
36:26 - The importance of VISUALIZATION!!!!
41:57 - Masculine-Feminine energies
45:41 - A woman is powerful on her cycle
48:40 - Living in your light exposes others’ shadows
55:23 - How Alyssa continues to find inspiration in her work
1:00:44 - Coming up Next Week

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