Jessica Zweig


We must remember that women hold wisdom!


Ep. 46: Women Hold Wisdom w/ Jessica Zweig

Jessica Zweig


We must remember that women hold wisdom!

Ep. 46: Women Hold Wisdom w/ Jessica Zweig

Reminder: Women hold wisdom

Burnout was so real for author and entrepreneur Jessica Zweig it manifested itself in the form of severe depression and anxiety. It cost her her happiness, her peace and nearly her business. That is, until she was able to open herself up to ask for (and receive!) help.


You need a reset to remember your power

A trip to the other side of the world helped Jessica Zweig leave behind how she’s been programmed to think, act and be –  and see the path forward. 

In this episode, you'll hear how the former hustlin' boss babe shed the skin of overwhelm and stepped into a divinely feminine mode in her life and work. 

Press play if...

You’ve been wanting to take a pilgrimage to gain some perspective on your own life and happiness

Press play if...

You’re having trouble in your professional life, with motivation, or with the path you’re on and you need reframing

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You want to stop making apologies for being a strong woman and are looking for ways to channel that energy

Ready to be inspired?

This episode begins with Lauren asking about what high-vibe emotions Jessica's been feeling lately. It initiates a soul-led conversation where Jessica describes a recent journey to Egypt and the full body experience that helped her shed her skin.

  • [7:47] Lauren gives Jessica a new way to look at her relationship with her husband that makes her feel less guilty talking with other women about her marriage.
  • [21:06] How Jess realized she was acting like a freaking VICTIM, turned it around and launched her personal branding juggernaut SimpleBe.
  • [33:30] Jess describes how she reached full-on physical depletion and how it manifested as depression. She shares how moving from Chicago to Nashville helped her address it. 
  • [42:56] An unexpected moment when Lauren mentions something specific about Jessica that is so spot on – she reveals she has a tattoo of the very thing Lauren is talking about. 


 🔖 Chapters 🔖
3:01 - The high-vibe emotion Jessica Zweig is feeling right now

4:34 - Emotional breakdowns, depression & anxiety

5:30 - Jess details going to Egypt

7:47 - The gift of husbands

10:41 - Women are the holders of wisdom

15:32 - Womb wisdom

19:29 - The stories we tell ourselves

21:06 - Jess realized she was being a VICTIM, but she has CONTROL

24:11 - The power in intentions

28:35 - Who was Jessica Zweig 6 years ago?

33:30 - Jess reaches full and utter burnout manifesting as depression

35:14 - Jess admits she was ready to sell her business

40:14 - The fallacy in thinking taking care of yourself is a luxury


45:50 - Your power is in your NONdoing

1:02:10 - What's coming up next week

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