Tonia Dixon


Always remember: Your mental health matters!


Ep. 48: Mental Health Matters w/ Tonia Dixon, LPC

Tonia Dixon


Always remember: Your mental health matters!


Ep. 48: Mental Health Matters w/ Tonia Dixon, LPC

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You’re curious about going to therapy and want some insight into the trends seen in the profession as our world keeps changing.

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You need help overcoming the guilt of taking care of yourself

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You find yourself working long, hard days and are looking for suggestions on how to cut it off and protect your peace.


Knowing when you're not okay.

Tonia Dixon, LPC has spent decades listening to others but the tables have turned as we listen to her talk about her work helping professional athletes, military members and people of all backgrounds find peace and purpose.

Tonia describe the latest trends in mental wellness and why she doesn't think athletes get a fair shake. Be INSPIRED to set your boundaries around work and learn to include yourself in your schedule.


Ready to be inspired?

This episode begins with Tonia describing how necessary it is to practice what she preaches. She details how she protects her own mental health despite hearing difficult things from people throughout the week.

  • [13:47] Given her background as an NFL cheerleader, Tonia explains her clinical interest in athletes, saying they 'don't get a fair shake.' She describes that when a person excels in any athletic pursuit - even if it's just through high school - they must be taught how to apply that need to move energy in adulthood. It's so much more than physical!
  • [26:59] Tonia describes her delicate but strong ability to have mindful moments. She teaches you the grounding practices that take mere seconds to implement and the messages it sends to the body.  
  • [42:03] Tonia talks about the trends she's seen emerge in the last five years, specifically that she's seen high-functioning people begin to really struggle in a way she had only previously seen in populations with severe and persistent mental illness.
  • [46:14] Hear how Tonia masterfully carves up her day to make sure she never OVER-works herself. She explains her cut-off times, how many hours a day she works and how she maintains her own balance.

Plus, [50:15] she gives you the tips on how to NEVER feel guilty for taking care of yourself.


 🔖 Chapters 🔖

0:30 - Lauren's opening monologue and background on why she started seeing Tonia

4:08 - How Tonia practices her message every day

7:01 - Tonia's background in listening

8:08 - To feel is to be human. To be human is to change.

10:55 - Tonia was an NFL cheerleader?!?

13:47 - Her clinical interest in athletes

17:15 - The commonalities between athletes and soldiers

23:10 - The error in calling things "good" or "bad"

24:36 - Tonia's lesson right now: you never know what you're gonna get

26:59 - The power in mindful moments

33:25 - The opposite of a serious mental health crisis is a high functioning adult who needs help

39:14 - The trends have changed in the last 5 years

42:03 - How civilization and society shape us

46:14 - How Tonia carves her day in a way that allows for space

50:15 - Overcoming feeling guilty for taking care of yourself

55:51 - What's up next on AMPstigator

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