Dr. Christina Rahm


It's time to think EVEN BIGGER.


Ep. 50: Think EVEN BIGGER w/ Dr. Christina Rahm

Dr. Christina Rahm


It's time to think EVEN BIGGER.


Ep. 50: Think EVEN BIGGER w/ Dr. Christina Rahm

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Yoabsolutely geek-out on research about the body, it's cells and how to be healthy.

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You're into whole body wellness and you're eager to hear from a pioneer in the field.

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You see the sickness of our planet and want to connect with someone who's doing something about it.  


You can do ANYTHING.

Dr. Rahm shares how her work in the pharmaceutical industry ignited a passion for healing people naturally. Her work evolved to include an environmental mission, makeup and skincare, a fashion line and a new dream to launch a way to educate people how to ACTUALLY heal their bodies.


Ready to be inspired?

The episode begins with Dr. Christina Rahm explaining her devastating and life-threatening diagnoses in her twenties. She endured cancer and the loss of children. Both nearly killed her. She shares how she committed in that moment “to do as much as I can if I have the opportunity to LIVE."

  • [16:47] Dr. Rahm shares her work in the pharmaceutical industry and explains why we never see any beneficial research about natural remedies. It's what spurred her to start Root Brands, a wellness supplement company that addresses the root causes of disease.
  • [33:08] Dr. Rahm does a deep dive into why our food is lacking nutrition. She shares her plans to detoxify the land, air and water to begin [40:40] healing the Earth.
  • [43:18] Dr. Rahm shares with Lauren how she manifests and the importance of her prayer-and-meditation practices. This is a life-giving section that will inspire and encourage.

Plus, like any good girl-talk, [55:33] Dr. Rahm circles back around to the importance of her spirituality.


 🔖 Chapters 🔖

 0:30 - Lauren's opening monologue

4:36 - What drives Dr. Rahm to do everything she's done

8:45 - Dr. Rahm explains the power in natural remedies

10:18 - She made a decision in what should've been an end-of-life experience

11:15 - Who helped her get to this level of creation and output?

16:47 - How her pharmaceutical research spawned her wellness company

21:18 - Dr. Rahm: 'We all could live longer than 120 years'

24:30 - Why do we think pharmaceuticals are the only things that work?

26:19 - The failure of our medical system

30:04 - When Dr. Rahm started getting attacked for her ideas

33:08 - The food we eat is sorely lacking in nutrition

38:50 - Dr. Rahm wants to educate people how and when to balance natural and medical approaches

40:40 - How do we heal the Earth?

43:18 - **Dr. Rahm's ability to envision and speak things into existence**

51:15 - The sheer amount of toxic things that are absorbed through the skin

55:33 - The benefits of prayer and meditation for Dr. Rahm

59:50 - What lesson is Dr. Rahm learning RIGHT NOW? Love without expectation.

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