Rosa Castano


Your body can't handle the stress.


Ep. 51: Stress LESS w/ Rosa Castano

Rosa Castano


Your body can't handle the stress.


Ep. 51: Stress LESS w/ Rosa Castano

Press play if...

Your crushing, chronic stress load is steering you toward burnout

Press play if...

You're often overwhelmed and you don't know how to make it better 

Press play if...

You need ideas on how to create mindful moments that reduce stress  


You can do ANYTHING.

We're overwhelmed, stressed and heading toward burnout. Who wants to live that way?!? NOBODY! In this episode, stress expert Rosa Castano shares how you can identify, address and overcome your chronic stress and create a stronger foundation of wellness for yourself.


Ready to be inspired?

The episode begins with Rosa answering the question 'what is the state of stress in the workforce?' She details where the word 'burnout' comes from and how long we've been battling chronic stress at work. Spoiler alert: Hustle culture is killing us [6:18].

  • [8:18] We're familiar with fight-or-flight, but Rosa shares the 6 Stress Styles to help you understand how stress is showing up throughout your day - even in places you don't realize.
  • [17:16] How do you manage and reduce chronic stress? In this section Rosa shares effective, yet simple practices you can start doing now to help!
  • [25:45] What happens to your body when it's under chronic stress? Lauren and Rosa tag-team this part of the convo as they both share just how detrimental it can be

 Plus, [51:04] Lauren shares the real-time question she has to ask herself before putting ANYTHING in her calendar, all in an attempt to AVOID stress.


 🔖 Chapters 🔖

 0:30 - Lauren's opening monologue

3:34 - Rosa calibrates us to the state of stress in the workforce

6:18 - Hustle culture is killing us

8:18 - The 6 styles of stress

11:30 - Stress Audit: Recognizing stress triggers in your daily life

17:16 - Implementing practices that manage and mitigate stress

25:45 - The responses Rosa hears from people in the workplace

31:40 - Newsflash: your employees aren't engaged

35:18 - How kids play into present-moment awareness

39:06 - Rosa's background in the corporate world & startups

43:15 - COVID was a gift for Lauren

51:04 - Does this give me a healthier outcome?

54:07 - The actual definition of mindfulness

55:38 - Science of visualization

56:15 - Increase the space in the pause

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