Katelyn Drye


Here's what happens when you find your voice.


Ep. 52: Find your voice w/ Katelyn Drye

Katelyn Drye


Here's what happens when you find your voice.


Ep. 52: Find your voice w/ Katelyn Drye

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You followed The Dryes on The Voice in 2022 and you want to know Katelyn better

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You love getting an inside look into the music industry

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You're looking for an uplifting conversation about hope and following dreams


'There's never been a Plan B.'

This conversation does a deep-dive behind the scenes of The Dryes' recent stint on NBC's The Voice, the Nashville music industry and what it's like preparing for their concert tour with Jo Dee Messina. The duo writes music that cuts through to connect with people and gives words to the deepest emotions. Katelyn shows her faith and feelings in this follow-up conversation, one year later.


Ready to be inspired?

 The episode begins with a deep-dive, peek-behind-the-curtain from NBC's The Voice. Katelyn & Derek Drye received national prominence during their multiple appearances and inclusion on Team Blake.

  • [3:50] Katelyn shares how The Voice producers asked them to be on the show for two prior seasons and both times The Dryes turned them down! Katelyn describes the events leading up to the show's third request and why The Dryes said YES!
  • [19:08] A long-time dream is about to come true for The Dryes: they'll open multiple tour stops for a recording artist. They currently have 12 dates with Jo Dee Messina. Katelyn shares how Jo Dee invited them on the road.
  • [34:20] The music industry can be really confusing. Katelyn and Lauren break down what people outside of Nashville often don't know.

 Plus, Lauren shares a recent dream she had about Katelyn & Derek and why she's counting the days until it comes true.


 🔖 Chapters 🔖

0:30 - Lauren's opening monologue

2:50 - Katelyn's baaaack!

3:50 - The Dryes' turned down The Voice TWICE

6:30 - How people choose songs for The Voice

8:05 - Katelyn's worn one of Dolly Parton's ACTUAL wigs

10:10 - Walking on stage and being with Blake Shelton

13:25 - What's come from being on the show (concert impacts)

15:05 - Hard things make you STRONG

19:08 - How they found out they were going on tour

22:25 - The plan for performances while they're on tour

23:54 - Lauren's prophetic dream about The Dryes

27:40 - Knowing your purpose in your heart of hearts

28:38 - What emotion is coming out in The Dryes' songwriting lately

32:15 - Other upcoming things in 2023 for The Dryes

34:20 - What's the deal with publishing deals and songwriting cuts?

40:18 - "We grow every year"

 44:35 - Who The Dryes write music for

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