Amanda Marit


Expect the absolute best because we're NOT settling.


Ep. 54: We're NOT settling w/ Intuitive Business Coach Amanda Marit

Amanda Marit


Expect the absolute best because we're NOT settling.


Ep. 54: We're NOT settling w/ Intuitive Business Coach Amanda Marit

Are you ready for your greatest lesson?

One that totally pops paradigms around your rug-pulls, hardships and worst days)?

Press play if...

You need more instruction about manifestation

Press play if...

You know you're here to make an impact on the world but don't know where to start

Press play if...

You love people who give you permission to dream your big dreams


We're not settling!

Amanda Marit walks you through how to identify the dream in your heart and play with the possibility that what you want is actually MEANT FOR YOU. Amanda teaches you how to listen to your intuition and even shares how to look for signs (because they'll start coming).


Ready to be inspired?

The episode begins with host Lauren Lowrey and intuitive business coach Amanda Marit talking through what's currently happening in the world, what it means to change timelines and why we need to listen to what we feel.

  •  [11:00] What exactly does an intuitive business coach do and how is that different from a regular coach?
  • [22:38] Not everyone feels like they're supposed to be doing something MORE with their life. But you do! So what do you do in that situation?
  • [31:00] Yes, there's destiny. But HOW we get there is up to us. In this section, Amanda & Lauren go deep into co-creation and explain how powerful you really are!
  • [47:31] In order to become this bad-a$$ babe you see in your dreams, you need to align yourself with that reality. Amanda explains how to do that Amanda guides you through what to do next: how to align with that new version of you and how to ask to be shown clear next steps (b/c spoiler alert: SIGNS ARE GOING TO COME IN). 

Plus, Amanda walks us through an impromptu visualization exercise [1:12:05] that you can come back to over and over again by streaming within this episode or separately in Ep. 55.


🔖 Chapters 🔖

0:30 - Lauren's opening monologue

2:37 - Stop hustling and take a breath

5:05 - Moving on a whim and changing our timelines

8:23 - Stop diminishing what you feel, start allowing and transmuting it

11:00 - What does Amanda do as an INTUITIVE coach?

12:30 - How Amanda came into this work (navigating personal rug-pulls & starting a healing journey)

19:42 - What is a "Light Worker?"

22:38 - What do do when you know you're meant to contribute in a bigger way

25:10 - When things fall apart, it's preparing you for what's next

31:00 - How we co-create (the relationship between destiny and co-creation)

38:05 - How Amanda helps people BECOME who they're meant to be

40:40 - Step 1: Breaking out of your own habits, patterns & routines

47:31 - Aligning yourself NOW to your future self (Morning Practice; how would it feel to live that life now?)

55:10 - Advice for how to NEVER doubt yourself and embody REAL CHANGE

58:00 - The lesson: WE'RE NOT SETTLING

1:08:00 - Understanding the Divine Feminine

1:12:05 - BONUS: Highest Path Visualization

1:19:30 - Lauren's closing monologue

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