Ep. 45: Mark the Moments (B/c it matters!) w/ Lauren Lowrey

Season #3

We rarely celebrate. WHY IS THAT!?! Celebrations aren't just for birthdays and big promotions. They're for marking the moments that MATTER. For AMPstigator founder/host Lauren Lowrey, the launch of this podcast was a date worth marking. 

This re-launch of Season 3 falls intentionally on AMPstigator's one year anniversary, February 15th. In this solo episode, Lauren details what 2/15 really represents. Part surrender. Part truce. Part celebration. She walks you through the 5 questions to ask yourself to find times in your life that are worth marking.

Lauren also shares how she spent her two-month "creative winter" from Dec '22 to Feb '23 and how the time away from AMPstigator became an unexpected opportunity for advocacy work around maternal heart health.

💥 This episode is for you if 💥
- You really missed AMPstigator and you wonder how Lauren passed the time for the last two months.

- You're not the best about celebrating things and you need a kick in the pants

- You've heard bits and pieces of Lauren's life-threatening heart event and you want the full story


📺What you'll hear in this episode📺
This episode begins with Lauren sharing why the mid-season relaunch was placed on February 15th, 2023. But it isn't all unicorns and rainbows! This date represents waaaaay more than celebration.

  • [3:54]  Lauren shares why she calls February 15th her personal Armistice day. She delves into the truce she brokered between her body and her destiny to release AMPstigator.
  •  [5:12] Lauren details the three amazing honors that came ALL DURING THE CREATIVE BREAK. She learned AMPstigator was in the Top 10% of Most Shared Podcasts globally on Spotify. Then a few days later, the Nashville Business Journal named her to the Top 40 under 40. By January, the American Heart Association named her a Woman of Impact to raise awareness about maternal heart health.
  • [8:34] Lauren shares, in great detail, the life-threatening heart event she experienced in 2018 after the birth of her second child. She details the sensations she felt and how she advocated for herself in the hospital - even when the tests showed nothing! Lauren needs your help, TOO! You can donate by clicking this link.
  • [20:15] Plus! You get your favorite meditative mind prompts to find the moments in your life that are worth MARKING.

 🔖 Chapters 🔖

1:17 - Why Feb. 15th is the release date

3:54 - My personal Armistice day

5:12 - Awesome things that came during the break

8:34 - Lauren's heart story

20:15 - Meditative mind prompts


 ✔️ Show Notes✔️

Contribute to Lauren's Woman of Impact campaign through the American Heart Assoc.
4 signs your creativity needs a vacay AMPstigator (Spotify | Apple)
The backstory of how Lauren got sick and what she learned (Spotify | Apple)


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