Ep. 49: The Problem with your beliefs (w/ Lauren Lowrey)

Season #3

This episode will make you think twice before you say 'it's my truth.' Because... what if your truth is wrong?

In this episode, host Lauren Lowrey highlights her own incorrect, unconscious and unhealthy belief around a tiny-little-4-letter-word and how she's working to combat it. She teaches you the questions to ask to root-out belief systems that aren't serving you.

Plus, learn the science behind changing how you think as Lauren shares how she's applying it to herself.

💥 This episode is for you if 💥
- You find yourself hitting the same walls (repeatedly) in your personal growth journey

- You see unhealthy beliefs in other people, but you need help seeing them in yourself

- You want to learn how to rewire your brain to change old, unhealthy patterns


📺What you'll hear in this episode📺
This episode begins with Lauren fleshing out the situation around our personal blindness. We can see others so clearly, but we rarely see ourselves. That part takes REAL work. 

  • [4:55] Lauren walks you through how we build unconscious belief systems and explains the one she's working through right now. 
  • [10:48] What does the research say around creating and changing belief systems? First, we have to understand how beliefs are created, neurologically.
  • [13:21] Lauren details exactly how she intends to rewire her unconscious beliefs. 

 🔖 Chapters 🔖

0:29 - Fleshing out the problem

2:00 - We all have blindness when it comes to self

4:55 - We build unconscious belief systems around lies

6:36 - Stop and smell the roses

9:13 - What belief system do you have that's just plain wrong?

10:48 - How do you change your beliefs? Change your pathways!

12:43 - How long does that actually take?

13:21 - How will Lauren spend rewiring this issue?


 ✔️ Show Notes✔️

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The backstory of how Lauren got sick and what she learned (Spotify | Apple)


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