Ep. 56: The 7 surprising things that happened when I started meditating 2hrs/day (w/ Lauren Lowrey)

Season #3

I know what you're thinking: How the heck does she find 2 hours a day to meditate?

In this solo-episode with the AMPstigator founder and host, Lauren shares her touch-and-go history as a non-meditator and what made her recently commit. She shares the striking words from multiple sources urging her to commit to stillness and who served as 'the final straw.'

Lauren also walks you through the phenomenal benefits of meditation before finally sharing her list of 7 surprising things that happened when she began meditating 2hrs/day, just one month ago. Plus, during the recording, Lauren shares two more BONUS anomalies that popped into her mind, for a total of 9 things that have happened since she committed to consistent, daily meditation.

In the end, she encourages you: when you meditate consistently, just wait for the shocking benefits to emerge. 


💥 This episode is for you if 💥

  • You can't IMAGINE that it would be possible to cultivate this much stillness into a day.
  • You want to know what amazing benefits Lauren has seen from her own stilling practices
  • You need encouragement to get started meditating


🔖 Chapters 🔖

0:29 - What to expect in this episode

1:26 - Lauren's touch-and-go history as a meditator

4:59 - Why Lauren decided to commit to 1-to-2 hours a day of meditation

5:59 - How Lauren started implementing daily stillness

7:19 - Lauren's recent solo retreat to up-the-ante

9:25 - Research backs me up on my commitment to meditation

10:53 - The 7 surprising things that started happening (#1, Not caring)

12:08 - #2, Detaching my nervous system from work

12:58 - #3, Yelling less

13:49 - #4,Getting everything done 

15:04 - #5, More discernment

15:57 - #6, Actually RESTING

16:43 - #7, Seeing signs of confirmation 

18:25 - TWO BONUSES (The sudden need for less & Simultaneous social growth)

19:58 - How you can start meditating


✔️ Show Notes ✔️

Ep. 31 At What Cost? (Lauren details her hospitalizations) (Apple | Spotify)

Insight Timer (the app Lauren uses for guided meditations) 


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