Ep. 59: JUST ASK (2 Words that Will Change Your Life) w/ Lauren Lowrey

Season #3

Ready to make the impossible possible? Just ask.

In this first installment of the AMPstigator mini-series "Two words that will change your life," host Lauren Lowrey explores what it means to just ask for what you need.

This isn't about asking another person to shoulder the load. Nope. That isn't surrender. This episode gets you into a place of true, hands-up surrender - which only happens when we know we don’t have the answers, we can’t see the way forward and we don’t know if what’s to come is better or worse, we only know we can't continue the way we've been living.

 Your path to surrender isn't in the DOING, but in the NON-DOING. Your next-level spiritual development is in letting go of the process and surrendering to something much greater than you. All you have to do is JUST ASK.


💥 This episode is for you if 💥

  • You've been struggling with a big problem in your life that has felt insurmountable for far too long.
  • You've tried every solution and the only thing left to do is surrender the problem.
  • You have a mental block around anything to do with asking for help.


📺 What you'll hear in this episode📺 

The episode begins with Lauren explaining how a frustrated 4-year old who wouldn't ask for help was the inspiration for this recording. She addresses the power of learning to ask for help and why surrender is the path to your greatest overcoming. Lauren walks you through the six main journalist questions (who, what, when, where, why & how) to convey a fuller understanding of why it's time for you to JUST ASK.


🔖 Chapters 🔖

0:27 - Set-up to why you need to JUST ASK

2:27 - Here's why you're listening to this episode

3:13 - WHO?

4:27 - WHAT? 

6:43 - WHEN?

9:03 - WHERE?

9:37 - WHY?

11:02 - HOW?

11:21 - Visualization


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