Ep. 63 SHUT UP! (2 Words that will Change Your Life) w/ Lauren Lowrey

Season #3

We talk entirely too much! If our mouths aren't yappin', our minds will certainly fill the void. In this eternal conversation with our intuition, our racing thoughts create a barrier for us to listen to the guidance. You’re missing the best parts of your spiritual experience because you just can’t figure out how to SHUT UP.

So in this episode, we help you find ways to close your mouth, quiet your mind and just LISTEN to what you're being guided to do. 

💥 This episode is for you if 💥

  • Your mind talks too much and you can't get it quiet
  • You're interested in research around why we do the things we do
  • You need the Top 5 research supported ways to clear your mind


📺 What you'll hear in this episode📺 

The episode begins with Lauren laying out what this episode is all about - SHUTTING UP! She shares her history as a compulsive communicator and what she's learned from getting quiet. In this episode, we also get into:

  • [3:02] The sheer amount of research done about people who talk too much. There's even a Talkaholic scale where you can measure if you're a compulsive communicator. 
  • [6:12] The newest estimates about the number of thoughts you think every day and how overwhelming that would be if you said them out loud!
  • [7:11] The Top 5 research-supported ways to quiet your mind. Lauren digs into the research around how to find calm and stillness in your mind and body.  


🔖 Chapters 🔖

0:27 - Here's why you need to listen to this episode

1:54 - Little Lauren talked too much!

3:04 - Psychological research around talking too much

4:26 - Your mouth is closed but your mind won't stop talking 

6:12 - You think 6,200 thoughts every day; your mind won't shut up

7:11 - Top 5 research-supported ways to quiet your mind (#1 Meditate)

8:57 - #2 Be in Nature

10:03 - #3 Be Creative/Artsy

11:33 - #4 Start journaling

12:55 - #5 Physical exercise

13:57 - Shut up your mind; listen to your intuition! 


🗈 Show Notes 🗈

Talkaholic Scale (found here)

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