Ep. 65 FACE IT (2 Words that will Change Your Life) w/ Lauren Lowrey

Season #3

Wait, you want me to face my pain!?! Woof!

In the latest AMPstigator episode FACE IT, host Lauren Lowrey teaches you that once you've experienced trauma, the pain doesn’t go away. It just blends with you over time. The difficulty in processing the trauma comes from your inability to move forward. 

After we experience pain, we spend our lives trying to return to status quo. We try to get back to who we were before that pain. But we have to realize: We were literally changed by the pain and the person we were is gone.

In this episode, she shares 6 steps to FACE your pain and accept yourself for who you've become. 

💥 This episode is for you if 💥

  • You've experienced any bit of pain that you can't seem to face
  • You're ready to try something new to process your problems
  • When you think about a particular thing that happened in your life, you can't help but cry


📺 What you'll hear in this episode📺 

The episode begins with Lauren sharing a recent experience getting her annual blood work. Everything was perfect until the rubber tourniquet around her arm triggered a major MAMMA JAMMA trauma response. Whoa, Nelly! Didn't see that coming! She shows how tears indicate unhealed pain and why you need to FACE IT!

  • [3:13] Lauren shares the PARADOX in trying to heal. Once you've experienced something, it's literally part of you. You are different so you need a different approach. 
  • [4:59] Why does talking-it-out work so well? It's literally a well-studied psychological foundation of Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT).
  • [8:57] Lauren shares the steps you can take to begin to FACE IT in your own life. Her 6 suggestions include kicking judgment to-the-curb, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and implementing a gradual exposure.  

 Plus, how you'll know when the healing is all done!


🔖 Chapters 🔖

0:27 - Lauren experiences her first MAMMA JAMMA trauma trigger

2:44 - Working to heal and facing your fear

3:13 - How pain becomes part of you

4:59 - Research around healing trauma, Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT)

6:52 - The root of the phrase "face it" 

8:57 - How you can FACE IT in your own life 

10:34 - Getting a re-do on a trauma trigger


🗈 Show Notes 🗈

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Understanding PTSD, National Institutes of Health

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