Ep. 66 DO LESS (2 Words that will Change Your Life)

Season #3

Overdoing it is ingrained in our culture. So how do you go against the grain?

In this latest episode, host Lauren Lowrey takes you on a journey through our American obsessions with doing too much. Get the deets on how our nation compares to other countries when it comes to work-life (im)balance. Plus, what questions to ask yourself so you can DO LESS. 

💥 This episode is for you if 💥

  • You're chronically doing too much.
  • Your self-worth was based on how much you can produce.
  • You bought into the equation that HARD WORK makes you A GOOD PERSON


📺 What you'll hear in this episode📺 

The episode begins with Lauren detailing why Americans are so obsessed with overdoing it. Lauren takes you way back to the Mayflower to show how pilgrims laid a lasting foundation for American society. Even to this day, we see the impacts 

  • [4:26] But something changed in the digital age. Our obsession with work was accelerated and Lauren explains how.
  • [11:26] Lauren walks you through the quantifiable disengagement happening in workplaces all over America and how it compares to other countries.
  • [13:38] Tiny sneak-peak into what's coming up next for AMPstigator as Lauren details how she's taking her own medicine.


🔖 Chapters 🔖

0:27 - Lauren details how this episode is structured

1:34 - Our American history (Hard work = Heaven)

3:09 - Individualists vs Collectivists 

4:26 - How the digital age accelerated our need to DO

7:03 - How the digital age has changed broadcast TV

8:12 - How "Just Do It" fueled the fire

9:30 - How this negatively impacts us

11:22 - We're seeing quantifiable disengagement in the workplace 

12:33 - World Happiness Report

13:38 - Lauren's taking her own medicine on doing less



🗈 Show Notes 🗈

Ep. 31 At what cost? (When doing it all nearly kills you) [Spotify | Apple


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