Amanda Banks is "The Believer"

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July 12th, 2022
Ep 27: Amanda Banks, The Believer


What could you accomplish if someone believed in you? Maybe you could go faster or further? Or maybe a person's belief is the one thing you needed to begin the journey toward a new phase in life.

Amanda Banks is your person. She believes in people, opens the door for them and encourages them along the way. As CEO of Sports to Suits, a company using technology to develop a workforce development solution for collegiate and professional athletes, Amanda connects deeply with people. She's a mom, entrepreneur and student of life.

In this episode we dig into her past as a competitive child gymnast and how it served as the root of her perfectionism problem, but it also gave her the basis of understanding to launch her new company for the athletic community.


πŸ’₯ This episode is for you if πŸ’₯
- You're interested in how Amanda came up with this idea for Sports to Suits
- You want to hear how a CEO also manages life at home with her kids
- You totally understand perfectionism and you're working on it, too!

πŸ“ΊWhat you'll hear in this episodeπŸ“Ί

We start the conversation with the AMPstigator "Best Time/Worst Time" game, which reveals the best time in Amanda's life, [4:32] when a destructive and deadly tornado ripped through Nashville just two weeks before COVID lockdown.

- [8:56] The root of Amanda's problems with perfectionism and how she battles it, plus [29:21] how perfectionism holds people back.

- [18:20] Why she decided to leave corporate life to create her startup, Sports to Suits, which uses technology to mitigate problems within the athletic community

- [39:21] What kind of guts does it take to become an entrepreneur, especially when you have a family?

- [55:26] And why it's so critically important for you to share your story of IMPERFECTION


πŸ”– Chapters πŸ”–

0:00 - Intro
4:32 - Best Time/Worst Time
8:56 - A fear of cameras and perfectionism
11:35 - Where perfectionism began for Amanda

18:20 -Leaving corporate life to create Sports to Suits
29:21 - Why perfectionism holds you back
31:22 - Amanda is an incredible connector of people
39:21 - What it took to get into Entrepreneurship
45:02 - How Amanda supports others
51:44 - Step One toward happiness
55:26 - You need to share your IMPERFECT story

βœ”οΈ Connect with Amanda Banks βœ”️
Her business, Sports to Suits: 


πŸ“ Show Notes & Mentions πŸ“

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