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Amanda Banks is "The Believer" business divorce identity purpose questions transition Jul 12, 2022

July 12th, 2022
Ep 27: Amanda Banks, The Believer


What could you accomplish if someone believed in you? Maybe you could go faster or further? Or maybe a person's belief is the one thing you needed to begin the journey toward a new phase in life.

Amanda Banks is your...

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Transforming your worst time into your best (#FindTheGift) grief loss meditation parents purpose questions research spirituality transformation Jun 28, 2022

June 28th, 2022
Ep 26: Transforming your worst time into your best (#FindTheGift) w/ Lauren Lowrey


What if the worst thing that ever happened to you turned out to be the best thing?

Consistently, the people on AMPstigator who've discussed finding purpose say, for them, it...

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Kirbee Miller is "The Nourisher" business grief meditation parents purpose questions research spirituality transformation transition Jun 21, 2022

June 21st, 2022
Ep 25: Kirbee Miller


Are you human? Do you get hungry?
If you answered ‘yes’ to those questions, then you can be a part of Kirbee Miller’s events mixing culinary with good conversation.
As a former hospital administrator with 3...

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Frank Castellano is "The Healer" (PART 2) christian enneagram identity meditation military philosophy politics purpose questions spirituality suffering Jun 14, 2022

June 14th, 2022
Ep 24: Frank Castellano (The Healer, Part 2)

Frank Castellano is singular. He's a 6th generation psychic medium who maintains a 16-month wait for readings in Nashville. He was 4 years old the first time he remembers having abilities and was counseled...

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Clara Belden is "The Untitled" business change your story identity meditation parents purpose questions reclaim spirituality stress transformation transition Jun 07, 2022

June 7th, 2022
Ep 23: Clara Belden (The Untitled)

How tightly do you cling to your labels? In this episode of AMPstigator, Clara Belden (certified holistic life coach) goes into detail about how labels keep us from connecting with our authentic selves. Her episode is...

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What intention is, isn't, and how to set it change your story philosophy questions research stress May 17, 2022

May 17th, 2022
By: Lauren Lowrey
[Full transcript below]


This week is all about setting intentions. In this episode we cover three important facets of intentions:
-what intentions are
-what intentions are not
-how to set intentions

Lauren also details how to set intentions every day and scale...

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3 Questions to deepen your self-awareness
3 Questions to deepen your self-awareness change your story identity permission purpose questions reclaim transformation Apr 26, 2022

April 26th, 2022
By: Lauren Lowrey
[Full transcript for this AMPstigator episode with Lauren Lowrey below]

Let me ask you a question: What does your self-talk sound like?

Is it soft and serene with encouragements and praise or profanity-laced, snide and disparaging? How you talk to yourself...

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