Frank Castellano is "The Healer" (PART 2)

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June 14th, 2022
Ep 24: Frank Castellano (The Healer, Part 2)

Frank Castellano is singular. He's a 6th generation psychic medium who maintains a 16-month wait for readings in Nashville. He was 4 years old the first time he remembers having abilities and was counseled through how to use them by a relative with the same gifts. 

Learn more about how his gifts work by going here.

In Part 2, we delve deeper into spirituality and how to weave it into everyday life. We also talk about how to heal your energy and shedding toxicity in our lives.

Frank is such a lovely person. You can't help but love the guy and feel so supported in every conversation with him. During this episode, you'll get a clearer sense why his episode is named "The Healer," because he brings so much closure to wounds of the past. He has a way of making everyone happy, even on their worst day. 

💥 This episode is for you if 💥
-You're interested in meeting a person with psychic abilities
-You loved Frank's 1st episode and you want a deeper follow-up
-You wonder how a person could be Christian but still celebrate other religions
-You're in awe of Frank (like everyone else who meets him)

📺What you'll hear in this episode📺
We start off by talking about why he honors the spiritual practices of other religions, even though he was raised in the Christian tradition, and move into the idea of [12:27] what we’re all here to embody. This particular quality is connected to PURPOSE in a powerful way. 

[23:06] Frank also reveals how to heal a person’s energy and how we can begin to do that on our own.  

[32:15] In this section, Lauren shares a viewpoint about healing past traumas that Frank disagrees with. Hear his take on why it's important to just let things go.

[45:09] He ends with the encouragement that “You’re never off you’re right path. You can never mess it up. You’re always where you’re supposed to be.”

🔖 Chapters 🔖
0:00 - Intro
7:03 - Everything is spiritual
9:38 - Honoring spiritual practices
12:27 - Love, hate and embodiment
16:22 - Love as a spectrum of many emotions
23:06 - How Frank heals energy
24:51 - Step One for healing energy
25:39 - Asking questions of yourself
28:50 - Frank’s view of Astrology
32:15 - Toxicity in our lives and reframing past
36:50 - Looking at our design (Frank’s an enneagram 8)
37:59 - A shared goal of science & spirituality
42:32 - Astrology for America right now
45:09 - “You’re never off the right path”
46:32 - Coming up next week


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 Episode Transcript: (from video version, found here)

[00:00:00]    <Intro>

Lauren:    When I released season one of AMPstigator, one episode in particular, had people intensely interested. It was Frank Castellano, The Healer. He's a sixth-generation psychic, medium. He can see and hear the future and connect people with loved ones who've passed on. In part one, we dug into his abilities. Because I needed to understand how he was using those gifts to help other people. 

But this time, part two, the conversation was next level with its spirituality, its complexity, and its love. It's full of big-picture ideas about purpose. To Frank purpose is an intention. It's what you're here to embody, it's a power-packed episode. So just hold on this is part two of Frank Castellano, The Healer.

[00:00:52]    <Music>

Lauren:    Frank Castellano, at the end of our last interview, I said, "Holy crap, we didn't talk about any of the things that we were supposed to talk about." Which was so beautiful. We talked about what we needed to talk about at that time. And here is the funny thing I'm about to kick the can down the road again. Because what I wanted to talk to you about and then what I am about to talk to you about are different. And, so, I haven't even told you what I want to talk to you about.

Frank:    So there is intention.

Lauren:    There is intention here and I want to go with you and I hope that you can almost like, Oh, what's the word? Translate what I'm about to try to talk with you about.

Frank:    Mm-hmm.

Lauren:    So here is the lead into all of this. This is going to be a spiritual question. There is something about you that I'm trying to understand, but it's a question about spirituality in the deeper sense. So when I left you, after our last time in December. I got on your social media and I started looking and something that really jumped out to me was your celebration of spirituality in lots of cultures. And, so, it really started getting my wheels turning about the resonance of spirituality in the broader sense, and how different cultures, throughout history, have understood it. 

Frank:    Mm-Hmm.

Lauren:    And, so, here is this very broad question to you to help me begin to define spirituality throughout human history, but also how it translates to today. You feel like you can take that on today?

Frank:    Well, so spirituality, we deem things spiritual and religious simply because they're labels. Certain things are religious certain things are not. But spirituality is how you approach something. So a dinner can be spiritual. Sitting and having a conversation can be spiritual. 

These techniques that we've developed meditation, prayer, humanitarian service, are more conscious actions, conscious tools that we deem as spiritual, but everything is spiritual. And when you stop and look at all the different religions that have these things like Halloween, and Day of the Dead, and where they they're very separate cultures.

There is a consciousness that was received during this time. The veil is thin, even if they were continents apart. So there is a truth that we're getting, we insert it into religion. We take it out and individualize it as spiritual, but everything is spiritual. So when you start to celebrate life, you're really celebrating love and action.

Lauren:    That is so interesting. Well, how far have we gotten away from thinking life is spiritual? Pretty far, right?

Frank:    I think we are getting to the point where we are remembering more. There are people that are saying, "Hell is not, actually, worse than war. War is worse than hell." People that go to "Hell" quote-unquote, which I don't believe, are people that are supposed to be sinners. 

But in war, there is all these innocent lives that don't deserve this. So people are starting to extract this wisdom. Starting to see things in the normal day-to-day life, with race, and with religion, and how we treat each other. So we're remembering more. It can seem because of the state of the world that sometimes we're disconnecting more. But I think that we're, actually, doing this more. 

Lauren:    I want to talk about that veil you're talking about on certain days, where someone has received something in certain cultures at certain times, along the way, that maybe the veil is thinner at that time. 

So am I understanding that something that maybe in Celtic culture that they received, I don't know, in 1302, that someone within that culture received, and then they began to celebrate that day. Is that something that, even though culturally, I might not be that, but I could honor that time, and honor that spiritual reception, I suppose?

Frank:    I think that we are looking at stuff like burning white sage and we do this to clear a space. We also have to be very respectful when we get that from indigenous sources, and make sure that we have respect to it because it is a spiritual practice. We receive things spiritually all the time. 

So when we honor something and we celebrate it, we connect to that energy. I think when we talk about purpose, purpose is understanding both why I'm here and what my intention is, living with purpose and doing something intentionally. So when you start to look at the rhythms of nature and the rhythms of life, and you intentionally tune into them, they start to wake you up. You start to get woken up spiritually, emotionally, just your whole being.

Frank:    Yeah, and it's interesting because, I think, so many of us, certainly because we're in the American Christian South, we're in Nashville. It's like part of the Buckle of the Bible Belt. 

Christianity is so very much a part of, certainly of my upbringing and then the upbringing of hundreds of thousands of people around me, in this town. And, so, just almost the idea, even of beginning to acknowledge spirituality in any other culture, or any other religion feels very provocative. 

Frank:    Oh, yeah.

Lauren:    How do you begin to address that or help someone awaken to the mere idea that there is good and spirituality in some other practice other than maybe how you were raised?

Frank:    I would say the tenets that Christ left us with, "Love everyone. Love your neighbor. Love your enemy." He didn't necessarily say love yourself. He said, "Love all these other people, love the external." And, so, we have to define what is love? It's curiosity. Love is finding honor, finding light, finding beauty, and other things. 

So I can still be a Christian and say, "I'm going to celebrate and honor, even though I'm not Jewish, Passover, or Purim or Holi." Which is a Hindu festival that's going on right now. O-star which is the Vernal Equinox that's happening tomorrow, and to honor them respectfully. But when I do that because I'm approaching it with a sense of love. I open up to the beauty of it, to the message that it has for me. That's what living in purpose is, living in love.

Lauren:    Yeah, I feel like there is so much hate that's come over the years of between different religions. I mean, you'd be lying to say that we didn't have that, especially, what's happened in the last 20, 30 years on the other side of the world and how Americans have become involved. And, certainly you were even involved too, when I think about your time in the DMZ. You were involved in the military, living in a place that was just a really wounded part of the earth.

Frank:    Mm-Hmm.

Lauren:    With a totally different culture than your own. And, I think, we've allowed ourselves to introduce hate into that. How do we backtrack from hate and begin to then, again, come from something a place of respect, a place of love, and begin to respect other people, other cultures?

Frank:    Well, the first step is take a break. Take a breath, take a minute before you act. We are very quick to do things. When you take a breath, you can get some clarity. 

The other thing is, you have to ask yourself, "Is what I'm doing my truth?" And I'll give you an example, I was scrolling through TikTok about two, three weeks ago. And there was a video that said, "I don't feel like we as BIPOC, it's not our job to educate White people." 

I normally don't respond, but I did. And I said, "Respectfully, I disagree. I believe that it is our job to educate." See I have a better perspective as a person of color, as a first-generation American, as a gay man. Now it went back and forth and I started to feel like I need to defend.

You can build tension, anger, animosity, hate, when you need to defend. And you only need to defend when you lose your truth. And I went back and forth and I thought, "Am I trying to convince somebody or am I standing in my truth?" Because it's really about intention. 

Purpose is about living with intention and remembering what your intention is. Now, they didn't change my mind. I wasn't trying to change anybody else's mind, but my intention was to speak my truth, and that's it. When you do that, you find peace. 

So when we start to understand anger and animosity, intention, what is our intention? 

"Am I trying to prove myself?"

"Am I trying to show some muscle?"

Or, "Am I just speaking my truth?"

Because can we really educate anybody else? Not really. We can provide the information. We can tell you our perspective, but whether you want to receive that or not, that's up to you. I've done that with my own family being gay. I will say, "Here is how fabulous my life is." And when it's not, whether they want to take that information or not, that's up to them. It's really about us.

Lauren:    Yeah, and a lot of that feels like embodiment. And I know embodiment is something you talk about a lot. I know from the very first time you and I ever spoke on the phone, when a friend said, "You really need to interview Frank Castellano." 

And I was like, "I don't know who this man is, but I'll talk to him. And we'll see if there is some alignment there on what we both understand as interesting or truthful." And I remember from that very first phone call, you said to me, "Purpose is embodiment." I know you believe that we are all here to embody something. And, so, even in that like witty repartee maybe there was also embodiment of what it is that you're here to do. 

Frank:    Oh, absolutely, because what it taught me was, "Where are you, Frank?" It's changing who you are. This interaction you are allowing to change who you are, they're not trying to do anything. And I had to step back and go, "I just want to refocus who I am."

I did a sermon at a church a few weeks ago, and I talked about love being sort of like a rainbow, a spectrum. We know that love is the answer for everyone. We know that that's the purpose of people here. But love can be curiosity, it can be boundaries. Love can be showing strength, your own internal strength. Love can also be allowance and compassion, so it's sort of this spectrum. 

So each person comes in and they have this, "I can be compassionate."

"I can also be angry and selfish, and I have to temper that and be mindful about that." So how do we change the world? Take a breath. Be aware, take a moment for a second and gauge where your energy is.

Lauren:    Yeah, I know, like as a broadcaster speed of response is very important. And, so, just even the idea of taking a moment to breathe, give dead air, it's almost like not allowed. And I feel like the older I get the more it's like there is value in taking a moment. I don't have to be the fastest or the first to respond. And I almost feel like, too, is that a sign of wisdom? When a person needs or even acknowledge that they need time?

Frank:    Well, I would say so. When we are in the physical world, the physical world is demanding. Pain is demanding. So if you scratch yourself, your skin is going to welt because it demands attention. So the physical world demands attention. 

But when you give it, and give it, and give it, you're going to get depleted. So you got to get nourished somewhere, whether it's church or whether it's your friends, and that will only nourish you to a point. You have to get internally nourished. You have to spend time with yourself. You have to recalibrate. 

You can go into realty and people can go, "My purpose is to be a real estate agent." Awesome, “I'm going to go and sell all these houses." And you can do it and it can be amazing, and then it'll do this. 

Lauren:    The purpose can't be physical, right?

Frank:    It's not.

Lauren:    Purpose is a spiritual oh, I mean, embodiment is a great word for it. It's so much deeper. Which is the naming convention of all of these episodes that I do, it's not the label. No one's ever going to have like the letters behind their name or the label of like, "Hey, I'm Lauren Lowry, I'm a news anchor, like that's never going to be the title. 

Yours is not going to be the medium, because your purpose is so much deeper than the gift. So like my physical gift is one thing, but what I'm here to do with those gifts, that's the deeper part-

Frank:    That's purpose.

Lauren:    ...that's it, that's the purpose.

Frank:    Yes, that's what we are here to share. The way that we are going to help the world is by sharing, and by piecing things back together. One of your guests had mentioned something about this wall, and I am not going to mention it because I'm going to do it such a disservice, because I don't know the name she did amazing.

Lauren:    Kintsugi.

Frank:    Thank you.

Lauren:    Japanese artistry.

Frank:    But we are here to fuse together our broken pieces and we do this by sharing. What happens is we find outlets like social media and we share, and then we give value to our response. "Do people like what I said? Are people pushing against it?" Your job is to share your love, that's it. Your purpose is to just be your authentic self, leave it at that. Most of the time when I post something on social media, I don't even like the comments.

Lauren:    You don't even look?

Frank:    I really should respond to people, they're like, "Are you there? Are you reading this?" But my job is to just share my truth, that's my purpose.

Lauren:    Yeah, and I wonder, too, when people come to you, if someone, again, like speaking from my own experience, growing up in a very religious home, very Christian, lots of boundaries, lots of rules. And trying to venture out into the world and be a woman that can begin to create my own rules, that whole process has been a very much of a learning process. When you've been raised in an area that's like, "Here is what we do." 

A very basic, like this is it, black and white. So how do I find my way in that? And I feel like a lot of people have that too. So I wonder when someone says, "I'm going to go see a psychic?"

Frank:    Mh-hmm.

Lauren:    Have the reasons that people have come to see you, in the recent past, has that changed or has it always been the same?

Frank:    No, it's, from my perspective, things have changed because I've changed. 20 years ago, my most commonly asked question and not to shame anybody was, "When is my boyfriend going to leave his wife?" That was a really common question. What has shifted within me is my own growth. And I guess by law of attraction, if you will, I've attracted people that want to dig more. 

So now I have people that are coming in and going, "I've done this and it fulfilled me to this point and I've done this, what am I missing?"

"What do I need to heal?"

"What is my purpose?"

But I believe much of it has to do with I'm drawing things in for my experience, they're drawing things in for their experience. And at a vibration, we are connecting and that's the thing that has shifted. 

Lauren:    Yeah, so do people come asking about purpose? Do they use those words, "I need to know my purpose?" Or is there something else they say?

Frank:    "I need to know what I'm supposed to be doing?"

"I need to know why I'm not happy?"

Now I do have if I run into, I'm not a therapist, and I made a post on social media, letting people know I'm not a life coach, I'm not a therapist, that's not what I do. I'm a psychic medium. I wanted to clear those boundaries. But I do have people that if I know that there is something psychological, that's not my area in expertise.

Lauren:    And you say, "You need to see someone."

Frank:    Right, and I refer them out. But there are people that come and go, "I don't know why I'm feeling this way? I'm feeling off-kilter, I'm feeling empty. What's going on?" And we start talking about their energetics first before we go into, "And this is why you feel this, here is what's going on." Oh, yeah. 

Lauren:    So and that's another space that you and I have not even talked about, and none of my guests have explored. And, so, I'm interested in exploring energetics with you. It's a space I know nothing about. So begin to explain energetics, what is that?

Frank:    So let's say that God is white light, let's use God as pure white light. We live in the third dimension, physics tells us this. That things can be measured, height, length, and width, so like a prism. 

So white light goes into a prism and it breaks down into a rainbow. Now, one thing that we know is the nanometers. The energy of the white light and the energy of the rainbow doesn't change, same amount of energy. The only difference is one is focused and one is diffused. 

So as white light comes into the third dimension, like a prism, it breaks into a rainbow, that is our energetic system. So we come in having a chakra system, and this comes from Tantric Hinduism and that manifests our aura. 

Now everything else, our body, the furniture, our relationships relate to what's going on energetically. Most people will say, "Change your thoughts. Change your emotions and change your energy." But we're energy first. So you got to heal your aura. You got to unblock those chakras. You got to do what comes up when you do that, the emotional work, the mental work.

Lauren:    Hell, Frank, I mean, where does someone even start to do that?

Frank:    Meditation?

Lauren:    Really? So sit with yourself? So all the people that have, gosh, wild self-loathing, I mean, where does that even begin?

Frank:    There is a part of us.

Lauren:    Come to step one, like bring us back to step one. 

Frank:    There is always a part of us that is going to say, that's going to call to us, that's our intuition. God gave us an insurance policy and that's your intuition, it can't fail. You got a voice within you that's always going to be talking to you. 

So no matter how much negative self-talk and how much trauma you go through. You got a piece of you inside you, a diamond that loves you. You just got to chip around that and open it up. And you start by, what are you noticing? 

"I'm noticing that I'm drinking a little bit more."

"I'm noticing that I'm not calling people back, and not reaching out." 

And are you willing to change that? And that's the big question. "What are you willing to change?"

Lauren:    I mean, how important are questions? How important is that? 

Frank:    Oh yeah. 

Lauren:    I feel like questions are everything, right?

Frank:    The beauty of it is you don't even need an answer. A question is going to lead you to another question. It's then going to lead you to another question. "Am I asking the right questions?"

Lauren:    Wow, this is just really interesting to me because just yesterday, actually, I was being interviewed, it's very odd for me to be interviewed. I'm always the one asking the questions.

Frank:    How did that feel?

Lauren:    It was really beautiful, actually, because it was a person who asked the right questions. It was someone who asked the questions the matter.

Frank:    The right questions. 

Lauren:    And, so, it was good. But one of the questions he asked me was by the end of the interview, he almost, kind of stopped me in a statement I was making. And he said, "What is your self-talk?" And I said-

Frank:    Wow. 

Lauren:    I know, and I think, it was something that just popped into him because of what I was saying. He said, "What is your self-talk?" And I said, "Questions." And he told me, after that, he said, "I'd never heard anyone say that." 

He said, "I'm, actually, writing a book on self-talk." 

And he is like, "No one's ever said their self-talk is questions." 

And I was like, "Really?" And then, really just in the last 24 hours, I've been thinking, "Does no one ask themselves questions?" Or, is questions more indicative of where I am on my journey, in my path, I never know?

Frank:    I would say, from my perspective, it's a level of awareness. Because most of us our self-talk is about safety. It is, "I have to do this."

"I have to prepare this."

"I have to make sure that I'm safe."

"Don't trust this person."

Eventually what we get to a place where we have an opening. When we are like, "This is not enough. I'm not feeling good, I'm not feeling happy. I'm not feeling, something has to shift."

Lauren:    Yeah, fulfilled.

Frank:    And when you do that, you open up that door to the questions. So something within you shifted and that's beautiful. I think that we don't celebrate ourselves enough. 

We judge ourselves till God knows when. But we have got to celebrate ourselves and allow ourselves to be like, "You did amazing work, good for you."

Lauren:    Yeah, I love that. Do you ever celebrate yourself? I'm just curious. 

Frank:    Oh, yeah. 

Lauren:    What does celebration for Frank Castellano look like?

Frank:    I like to take my time, I'm very selfish with my time. So I like to spend time with things that I enjoy. If I don't enjoy something, I'll say, "All right, I got to go see you later." And I'm like, no excuses, I'm very good with boundaries.  And I like to take time to listen. I listen without distraction in the shower, or when I'm sitting in my office, I like to really just listen.

Lauren:    Well, I mean, and listening is very important for you because it's part of your gift. I mean, that's like one of the many things that you hear.

Frank:    And then when it gets really loud, then I make noise.

Lauren:    Yeah, or turn on something to distract the noise. And if anyone's listening to this, just go to The Healer Part One and you'll understand how Frank's gifts work. I want to ask you another question, because I just find this very interesting. 

You also are someone who really celebrates astrology, and I feel like is that also kind of going back to the conversation we were having earlier, about these cultural understandings of spirituality. This cultural time when like the veil was very thin. Is astrology in different cultures, awareness of astrology similar in that way? I mean, is astrology fully spiritual to you or is it something else?

Frank:    It's fully spiritual, but it's very normal as well. Because astrology, we see astrology as reading the stars to influence our lives, but the sky has always influenced us. When it's cloudy, we tend to want to get some more comfort, we want to relax more. When it's sunny, "I want to go, and I want to do this and do that."

And during the full moon I want to go and hunt and go fishing, for instant. So the sky, has always affected us. We just think of astrology as a separate science of the sky, but it really isn't.

The thing with astrology that I've come to understand is, "Am I willing to change my beliefs?" Because I like to make things make sense. Something has to make sense to me, for it to be true. And traditional astrology and now studying astronomy, they're very different.

The stars have moved. The ecliptic of how the sun moves through the constellations, it's not the same. So I've had to adopt my own form of astrology, which pushes against, "Am I willing to change my beliefs?" When we talk about purpose, the reason why we don't push further into purpose is we don't want to change our beliefs. "How are people going to see me?"


"What are people going to think about if I change jobs, or if I do this, or I'm not with this person."

So, for me, the study of astrology, wasn't just about the moving of planets or the asteroids like Pallas and Chiron. But also about a deeper understanding on, "What have I integrated and what is true for me now." But the sky has always affected us, it affects us now. People watch meteorologists-

Lauren:    That's a hard word.

Frank: nobody's business.

Lauren:    I know, it is the number one reason people tune-in to local news, just so you know, is the weather. The research has born that out for decades, people watch for the weather, and that's why they go there.

Frank:    And, so, we know that it affects us. We just think of that and astrology as two totally different things. And when we start to understand purpose, purpose is never disconnected. So when we start disconnecting things, we start to move further away from purpose.

Lauren:    Okay, so I'm hearing reconnection. Like maybe all of these things together is not anything new or different, it's the reconnection of things, it's all the REs-

Frank:    It's all the REs.

Frank:    It's the re-connection, the remembering, the re-alignment of things that have always been, we've just chosen to disconnect them. 

Frank:    Mm-Hmm, and that's beautiful. Because in our choosing to disconnect, there is learning. When I lose myself, I learn why I lost myself. If I disconnect, I'll go, "Oh, it's because I'm learning boundaries, and thank you for teaching me that."

I don't believe in toxic people, I believe in toxic combinations. Frank being the president of the United States would be a horrible choice.

Lauren:    It sounds great to me. 

Frank:    Oh, my gosh, no, that's bad.

Lauren:    Frank for president.

Frank:    But it teaches you, when you're in a toxic combination, "Did I lose myself to power?" "Did I lose myself to others' expectations?" It's in the disconnecting that we remember and that's beautiful, that's the exciting part.

Lauren:    Okay, hold on, let's dig into this. because I've been in an extremely toxic situation before where I had to make major change, like move-to-another-State major change because of the toxicity.

Frank:    Well, I'm glad you're here.

Lauren:    I am here because of a toxic situation, in an effort to escape it. So help me really understand, because I, side note, I feel like full-on transformation cannot fully happen until you are able to re-frame the past.

Frank:    Mm-hmm.

Lauren:    And then when you're able to re-frame the past, you get to this point where you're like, "I've done it. I've done it, now I can move forward with this newly-evolved understanding of purpose, and self, and all of these things." So if toxic, help me understand your view of toxicity?

Frank:    Well, let me say real quick, when you say, "I can't fully go full circle until I reframe the past." That's your belief, is that true? It's true to you.

Lauren:    But is it what is true to you?

Frank:    That you have created, you just let it go. If you don't like it, you just let it go. 

Lauren:    All right. 

Frank:    Now, if you feel, there are some people that go, "I really feel like I can't let something go until I re-connect with this person, have this conversation." But spirit is always going to say, "I love you, have a great time. Don't be a dick to anybody else." So if you want to hold onto it, then that's great, but it's just a belief.

So when you say reframing the past, there is workaround, what does that look like for you? What is reframing the past? Does that mean that I have to have another situation so that I can do the same things or do different things? So there is clarity that needs to be done around that beautiful belief, but it is a belief. Because it's it true? It's true for you.

Lauren:    Well, and then, I mean, I'm almost feeling like what you're saying is that takes energy and do you really want to spend your energy there? You could just let it go and spend your energy creating something more beautiful than that.

Frank:    Before this interview, we talked about letting it go. Today is another beautiful day, and whatever happened yesterday and the day before and the day before that, and the day before that happened, and what's going on tomorrow, hasn't happened yet. 

Lauren:    It's interesting that you would take that view, mainly, because one of your gifts is connecting people to people who have passed. 

Frank:    I know. 

Lauren:    And, so, a lot of people want closure or maybe they get closure, not even knowing that they needed that kind of healing and closure. And they come to you and they're like, "Oh, you just healed something in me that I didn't know needed to be healed." So it's interesting for you to hear you say, like, "Let go."

Frank:    Oh, yeah. My whole day is spent living in the past, in people's past, and in their futures. And sometimes that's beautiful and sometimes it's exhausting. 

Lauren:    Yeah, I bet.

Frank:    But that's my whole life. What I've come to find out through understanding those time dynamics, is that spirits will always come through telling you their story. 

"Here is why I acted this way. So I'm sorry, I love you, please liberate yourself now."

"Please be okay."

"Know that I wasn't the person that I needed to be for you, but that doesn't affect you anymore, let it go."

Lauren:    Let it go.

Frank:    You can just let it go.

Lauren:    It's interesting that you live in other people's past and futures. So how does that affect your present? Like you must have such a very important... no wonder you have such very important boundaries and like centering practices because those are other people's things they're not your things. 

This is the other thing that I've had to wrap my mind around about you is like there is so much spiritual things that happen with you. So, for me, to perceive you as a human in this space, here and now. I'm like, "You are a cosmic being, that's in this space, time, continuum."

Frank:    We are all cosmic beings.

Lauren:    I know, it's a lot for me to wrap my mind around because I think of you and I just always have to remember you have human emotions.  And maybe that's a weird thing to say, but that's part of how I understand you.

Frank:    I have to monitor that. When we start looking at our designs. Our human design, our gene keys, our Enneagram Type, they'll start to give us insight as to one of the things that we're here to do. 

Lauren:    Mm-Hmm.

Frank:    And I'm an Eight on the Enneagram and most people are very surprised.

Lauren:    That surprises me.

Frank:    Because they're like, "You are not this." And it's taken me a lot of work to get here because I was that energy. But I've adopted that personality, that energy in this lifetime, to help me with boundaries. So that I can walk into a space do the work that I need to do, and not adopt it. 

So often times we think of things as we need to work through something and we do. And also you also have something as a gift. I may be a Cancer as a gift or a Sidereal Gemini as a gift, or a Manifestor, 5/1 Manifestor as a gift. So the universe is always going to tell you what you're here to do, and what you're here to learn so that you can embody that. 

Lauren:    Yeah, I do feel like I am personally on this time of realizing how much of our lives are impacted by the earth around us. And as much as we want to think that we're not, I mean, it's just over, and over, and over again, there is things that are reinforced. Here is an example for this, so my husband grew up on this, God, hundreds of acres of a tobacco farm in South Carolina, in the middle of nowhere.

Frank:    How beautiful. 

Lauren:    It's beautiful. And it's funny because I find I crave being on that land more than he does. And I'm like, "I grew up in suburbia." 

And I'm like, "My soul needs to be on that land. I just need to walk your dad's trails."

He's done all these trails through all that land. But one of the things that blew my mind, was a handful of years ago, his dad who's always been a farmer, he's always been a farmer. He's in his seventies now and he told me, he said, "Lauren, I keep a journal and over the years I've realized I can only plant this seed, this seed, and this seed on the full moon." And I was like-

Frank:    Biodynamic gardening.

Lauren:    I was like, "Well, wait, what?" And in my mind that was the first time I'd ever heard anyone say anything of working with the land. I mean this probably, I don't know, seven years ago, six, seven years ago. Because in my mind it was, "Oh, no, we've evolved past that. We've figured out how to manipulate the earth."

Frank:    We do that.

Lauren:    And then more and more, ever since then, there is been like time, after time, after time, that I'm like, "No, we're not in control of this."

Frank:    There is a science behind it. I think that spirituality and science are, actually, talking about the same thing. Science tells us that we are all one. Einstein had this field of relativity, I mean, what he wanted to explain was, "Is there a place where we all connect?"

"Do all dimensions connect at one particle or at one time?"

Well, spirituality says the same thing. "God connects us all no matter who or where you are." And in a sense you put something on social media and it's going to be there to anyone, at any time, at any place, who has access to that.


But there is a science to you plant something, the full moon affects the water, affects the absorption. When we listen to nature, to our own nature, not necessarily to our ego nature, but to our spiritual nature it's going to wake you up. Because there is a cycle to things, there is a rhythm to things.

Lauren:    Yeah, I'll never forget, there was a very specific point at, how old was I? I think I was 22 or 23, and I was in a terrible work situation. Let me just tell you, this is a theme across my professional life. Because I'm in this field where everything has to appear like everything's okay. But like whatever happens behind the scenes nobody cares. But in this professional time behind the scenes everything was terrible. And I remember my husband, he was not my husband at the time, he was my boyfriend at the time. And because he'd grown up on this farm and because he'd grown up with his hands in the dirt, he taught me how to plant vegetables. Now, please-

Frank:    I love that.

Lauren:    ...this is so simple, and I will never forget being in his backyard, being 22, and he's like, "We're going to plant vegetables." And like it was a time in my life where life was terrible. 

Frank:    Mm-Hmm.

Lauren:    But I kept looking at these seeds and I was like, "You put this..."

Truly I'm like, "You put the seeds in the dirt. You water the seeds and it grows."

And I'm like, "It's so simple."

Frank:    There is a divine potential there.

Lauren:    This is a miracle. And it was like this thing over, and over again, because I kept saying like, "I am planting seeds in what I'm doing and nothing's coming back." And, so, professionally, it felt like it's all wrong. This is all wrong. I can look and I felt real grounding and truth, in looking at this, like, "Here is a seed. Here is the dirt, it grows it nourishes."

And I kept saying that to myself, like, "This is real. What's going on with me in this like real physical sense is not real."

Yeah, it's real, but it's this is not real life. And, so, like, it's beautiful to hear how us and the earth, we can have this cyclical, beautiful giving and receiving understanding to support life.

Frank:    Well, and right now I think we're in an intense time from an astrological sense. Pluto did a return, what that means is Pluto was in its original position, came back to its original position, when America was created July 4th, 1776, Philadelphia, they signed everything. The sunshine of America is a Cancer. And, so, Pluto made its return which means major transformation. We're in the Year of the Water Tiger in Chinese astrology, so it's very volatile. And one of the things that I tell people is, in volatility when we are not feeling good, most of the time we want our Mamas. Most of the time we want to go to Mom.

Lauren:    And what is cancer? Cancer is like mother, mother Cancer.

Frank:    It's mother energy. And, so, oftentimes when things are bad go outside, get into the dirt. The dirt is your Mom.

Lauren:    Mother Earth. Oh, wow.

Frank:    So there are these divine potentials within us and this wiring that knows what to do. We just resist it because we have judgment around it. "What are people going to think when I'm out there planting stuff."

"I'm not supposed to be doing that, it's not successful."

We have these judgments.

Lauren:    I've heard someone say it before, actually, it was a past guest in season one. She had told me like, "When I have a hard day," she's like, "I go home, I take my shoes off and I just walk around." She's like, "I need to feel the earth."

And she said, "Why do you think we love the beach so much? People are barefoot on the sand. It's the only time we're connecting to earth."

And I was like, "Oh, wow, I'd never thought of it that way." And, so, I mean, it's interesting to think of that. Like you have a bad day, "All right, let's try something else. "Let's, maybe, don't open the bottle of wine. What if you go outside and just walk around, or sit, or lie on the grass, like connect to the earth. What an interesting idea?

Lauren:    In body energetics, your feet represent spiritual understanding. Because they stand under you, they connect you to the ground. Feet are sacred. It was this whole, you know, "Moses take off your shoes, this is sacred ground."

Lauren:    And Jesus, I mean, who was it? Mary who washed His feet.

Frank:    Mary and Martha washed His feet. So feet represent understanding. So when you are not in your right place, take your shoes off go for a walk, go outside. It doesn't mean it have to be outside, you can do it in your condo, probably.

Lauren:    Oh, Frank, I love it.

Frank:    Ain't that amazing?

Lauren:    Before I let you go, is there anything else that you feel like you would need to share today, that needs to be said? 

Frank:    I would say you're never off your right path, that can never happen. You are always where you are supposed to be. Sometimes that feels great, when you win the lottery, it's amazing, this is supposed to happen. When you're going through a breakup, when you're going through grief, when you're going through death, doesn't feel that great. 

But there is a process out there, a divine process where you can't really F-up at all. And I would say the other thing is purpose is both a noun and a verb. It is how you do something, you do it with purpose, you do it with intention. And it's also what you're looking for, it's our driving force to understand ourselves. 

So if you start to understand, "I'm where I'm supposed to be, but I also don't feel purpose." Okay, then there is a missing piece because, "I'm where I'm supposed to be, but I don't feel purpose. But everything is purposeful. So what am I not asking?"

Lauren:    Yeah, questions. 

Frank:    Questions. Because you're always where you're supposed to be. Purpose is in the present moment.

Lauren:    Frank Castellano, I just love you.

Frank:    Thank you for having me.

Lauren:    I just love you. I mean, maybe we'll do part three next. 

Frank:    Maybe.

Lauren:    But give me a hug. 

Frank:    Thank you. 

Lauren:    You're the best. 

Frank:    Oh, I know, so are you.

Lauren:    Watch your little head.

So what do you think? Tell me in the comments below, like it, share it with someone who needs to hear it. I'm adding new videos all the time to help you reconnect with self and then prepare for purpose. And since you're here, I've gone ahead and linked my playlist to the episode AMPlified. It gives shorter clips from each episode, still though, very much power-packed with encouragement, it's all right here. So thanks for watching and I'll see you next time.

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