Lauren Sikes is "The Truth Teller"

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Lauren Sikes is The Truth Teller

February 15th, 2022
Episode 12: Lauren Sikes, The Truth Teller

What you’re getting in this episode is girl talk between two recovering perfectionists. Grab a glass of wine and listen to (basically) live therapy. 

Lauren Sikes is the founder and CEO of Truth Collective, a company that helps companies and employees create a vision for how they want to live and work. She asks questions like ‘who are you today and who do you want to be” to get people to their answers. Their truth.

This episode is for you if: 
 -You're a recovering perfectionist
-You grew up in a southern-, achiever-, purity-culture family
-You like podcast episodes that feel like therapy sessions
-You want to hear host Lauren Lowrey be pretty vulnerable

What's in this episode?
Lauren Sikes typically asks the questions to help people uncover a deeper part of themselves. She steps away from that to be vulnerable with her own story. Lauren shares how she got into this life-changing work -- from her own struggle with perfectionism. 

At age 10, Lauren Sikes was a competitive swimmer who ranked 3rd in the world for her age group. She went on to swim in college but admits to never enjoying it. Sikes taught school for 13 years until she felt compelled to start a business to help companies and their employees get clear on their vision. 


📝 Show Notes & Mentions 📝

Connect with Lauren Sikes
Lauren’s Company Truth Collective

0:00 - Intro
1:09 - Best Time/Worst Time
11:10 - What does Truth Collective do?
13:26 - It doesn’t have to be perfect
23:25 - The role fear plays
32:07 - Making safe choices
36:46 - Do the work to heal
40:20 - The universe’s gift to Lauren Sikes
46:15 - You’re not for everyone
52:00 - Giving permission

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