MaryBeth Hyland is "The Bridge"

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February 15th, 2022
Episode 04: MaryBeth Hyland, The Bridge

MaryBeth Hyland overcame the trauma of child abuse and a clinically diagnosed work addiction to find purpose in her work as a meditation teacher, coach and workplace culture expert. She builds bridges for people to move from out-of-touch to in-the-flow.

This episode is for you if: 
-You love energetic, fast talkers (like MaryBeth and Lauren)
-You're a little unsure about the spiritual stuff
-You're pretty grounded in your corporate career, but somewhat unfulfilled
-You identify with overcoming abuse or perfectionism

What's in this episode?
MaryBeth hits every note with this episode. She starts at the ground level to introduce spirituality to even the most obstinate observer, using wellbeing as the gateway. She teaches people to listen to their bodies, first, before ever introducing the idea of intuition. She's also very open about her own misgivings about the path until she found herself on it.

MaryBeth speaks in detail about her abusive father and her constant work to overcome perfectionism. Both things have informed her work to teach mindfulness and meditation. She gives people permission to be human in the most freeing way. 

She's constantly going into workplaces to help companies change their culture, so MaryBeth talks at length about the feedback she's getting about what people need right now: authenticity and connection. 

📝 Show Notes & Mentions 📝
MaryBeth's book Permission to Be Human her book
MaryBeth's free monthly mindful leadership classes
Gabby Bernstein's mantra “If not this, then something better”
MaryBeth's tiny home

Connect with MaryBeth Hyland
Her company, Spark Vision

Buy her book

0:00 - Intro
1:17 - Best Time/Worst Time
4:18 - MaryBeth’s turning point
9:54 - Something in her nature she overcomes
13:24 - MaryBeth’s purpose
18:32 - The work she does for others
20:32 - Authenticity is key
23:17 - Step 1 to finding purpose
25:56 - Permission is everything
31:00 - When does purpose begin?
32:12 - Spirituality in the workplace
36:26 - Wellbeing as an intuition
40:21 - MaryBeth is The Bridge
43:40 - Does purpose find you?
45:31 - Find the gift
52:37 - People need permission
55:43 - MaryBeth is a cowgirl

[Episode transcript]

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