Mattie Jackson Selecman is "The Hope Giver"

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February 15th, 2022
Episode 08: Mattie Jackson Selecman, The Hope Giver

Mattie Jackson Selecman has all the titles. She’s a best-selling author, a podcaster, a sommelier, a former restaurant owner, a current non-profit Co-Owner and the oldest daughter of Country Superstar Alan Jackson. But there’s one title she has that she doesn’t want: widow.
Her journey through grieving the loss of her new husband was excruciating, and because so much of her life is public, she wasn’t given the space to grieve like you might expect. But COVID lockdown in 2020 proved to be the time-out she needed to process that grief in a new book titled “Lemons on Friday.” It’s about how to honestly process grief in all of life’s trials, without losing hope.


This episode is for you if: 
-You’re interested in Mattie’s personal grief journey
-You need encouragement from someone who knows the pain of loss
-You like a Christian-centered message of hope

What's in this episode?
In this episode, Mattie discusses finding purposes in the greatest loss. In 2018 at the age of 28, she lost her husband Ben in their first year of marriage. She details how the situation devolved in less than two weeks and how she had to process grief in her darkest moments.

Mattie talks at length about what she learned in these last three years and how she brings hope to people now through her podcast, NaSHEville organization and through her new book Lemon’s On Friday. 

She walks you through the format of the book, including the questions she asked in her darkest times and the spiritual and emotional resolutions to those questions. Each chapter is a way Mattie transformed her suffering.


📝 Show Notes & Mentions 📝
Mattie is the oldest daughter of Alan Jackson
Mattie's book Lemons on Friday
Her former restaurant, Salt and Vine

Connect with Mattie Jackson Selecman
Her NaSHEville organization
Connect on Instagram

0:00 - Intro
1:19 - Mattie is a sommelier

5:32 - Best time in her life
7:24 - Worst time in her life
9:52 - What Mattie is still trying to overcome
11:22 - What’s your purpose right now?
14:05 - Mattie’s personal story of loss

23:00 - When Mattie started writing about the loss
24:07 - How Mattie’s parents helped her grieve
28:30 - The “widow” label she never wanted
30:28 - How Ben lives on in NaSHEville
33:34 - Cleaning out after a loss
37:40 - Mattie’s book
40:32 - What’s next for Mattie?

[Episode transcript]

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