Rabbi Manis Friedman is "The Provoker"

grief philosophy purpose spirituality Feb 09, 2022
Rabbi Manis Friedman is The Provoker

February 15th, 2022
Episode 03: Rabbi Manis Friedman, The Provoker

 Just when you think Rabbi Manis Friedman has stoked the fire he started in your brain, he pours gasoline on the flames. Don’t let the length of the beard sway you, you’re likely not expecting the life advice Youtube’s favorite Rabbi has in store.


This episode is for you if: 
-You love it when someone challenges long-held religious beliefs
-You long for deep and thought provoking conversations
-You want to be challenged in how you think about a higher power

What's in this episode?
In this episode, we sit down to talk sex and marriage, religion getting it wrong and innate human desires that will have you rethinking your views on life and death.

Rabbi Friedman will help you find answers to questions like ‘why am I here?’ and tell you why he believes love and sex are ruining marriages. If you’re ready to take a long, deep, hard look at your life, this episode is for you.

Get ready to ‘hmmm’ out loud.

Rabbi Manis Friedman was born in Prague and immigrated to the United States at the age of 5. He is an author, social philosopher and public speaker.


📝 Show Notes & Mentions 📝

Rabbi's book Doesn't anyone blush anymore?

Fiddler on the Roof

Billy Joel's famous song "Piano Man"

Connect with Rabbi Manis Friedman


0:00 - Intro
0:50 - Why people are into purpose right now
3:54 - When Rabbi first asked ‘Why am I here?’
6:31 - ‘God is needy’
8:29 - Why are we here?
15:56 - Purpose, religion and needs
27:02 - What do I really need?
30:05 - When purpose becomes spiritual
33:18 - Marriage is an agreement to be needed
51:08 - The foundation of purpose is OTHERS
54:38 - What you’re given and how you use it
56:33 - What’s coming now

[Episode transcript]

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