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Season 3 Sneak Peek!

August 1st, 2022
Ep 30: Season 3 Sneak Peek

Get ready for Season 3! In this episode Lauren shares with you what you can look forward to in a few short weeks. We talk about the new location for S3 [4:53] and the new focus of AMPstigator [5:31] as it shifts from "purpose" to a deeper connection of wisdom shared between women. 

πŸ’₯ This episode is for you if πŸ’₯
- You wanna know what's coming up in Season 3
- You're interested in Lauren's inspiration for the upcoming season
- You like hearing the back story about creative decisions for AMPstigator 

πŸ“ΊWhat you'll hear in this episodeπŸ“Ί
This episode begins with Lauren explaining when she was struck with the idea to shift the focus of AMPstigator Season 3. She covers inspiration, in detail, and how she's learned not to force creativity.

  • [2:56] Lauren describes where she was and what she was doing the moment she had a new vision for the direction of AMPstigator, plus why it feels so aligned.
  • [7:27] Hear why Lauren's recruiting her closest girlfriends to help with this season.
  • [8:16] And find out the most important question every Season 3 episode will answer: what's the lesson here?
  • 9:01] BONUS: Lauren explains why these conversations matter

πŸ”– Chapters πŸ”–
0:24 - When do your great ideas strike?
1:09 - Waiting for inspiration on Season 3
2:09 - AMPstigator as a creative expression
2:56 - A sudden vision for Season 3
4:05 - Sneak Peek: Set colors
4:53 - Sneak Peek: New location
5:31 - Sneak Peek: Content & focus
7:27 - Sneak Peek: Who will Lauren interview?
8:00 - Sneak Peek: Modifying the Best time/worst time question series
9:01 - Sneak Peek: Why these conversations matter
10:32 - How to join the AMPfam


πŸ“ Show Notes & Mentions πŸ“
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Show transcript:

When do your great ideas hit you? Do you feel them when you wake up, first thing in the morning? 

Maybe while you’re exercising?

It’s different for everybody, right? Einstein and Edison - two of the greatest minds in modern history- both solved problems *just as they were falling asleep. They’d put something in their hands and as soon as the object dropped, it would make a sound. They’d wake up suddenly and immediately write down what they were thinking of. 

For me, I got a really great idea recently… and I got it at the least sexy time.

I had just finished a newscast… I was about to eat leftover enchiladas… I was walking down the hallway and BAM. 

It was about AMPstigator.

Up until that moment in the beginning of July, I had no urging or idea about what Season 3 would be. I didn’t know if I was about to take a break from the podcast or if I was about to do something new - MAYBE take a new direction. What it would look like. When I would shoot it. Where we would record. Who I would interview. How I would pay for it.


I was waiting to feel an urging to go a direction. I had nothing.
I’m old enough to know when that happens – when there’s no message, no inkling – you just wait. And you don’t pressure yourself. You do the opposite.  


I instinctively knew that if I forced a decision on Season 3 of AMPstigator - WITHOUT INSPIRATION - I ran the risk of the podcast becoming a grind. And that’s what I wanted to avoid at all costs – BECAUSE From the very beginning, when I started creating AMPstigator in 2021, this podcast was a creative expression –  a place where I could have the conversations that fulfilled me and be able to share the stories of incredible people who found their way, against the odds! 


So, if I turned that expression into a grind…. for me, that would be *the worst thing.* Because AMPstigator has been entirely BUILT WITH inspired action.


I take NO ACTION, unless I’m inspired to do it.
You can learn more about inspiration in Episode 22 because I share 4 ways to find inspiration. It’s a 24-min episode from me.


So I was committed to waiting for the “yes” or the direction I needed to take the podcast. I’d been waiting for an urging… and it came while I was walking down an underground hallway at the TV station, staring at stained carpet and leftover enchiladas. 


What hit me on that hallway was a vision.

I saw a bunch of my close girlfriends. Everywhere you looked was this warm, white light. Everyone was laughing, and smiling. We were drinking bubbles, doing photo shoots… there was so much love and connection in that room. Everyone was beaming in this warm, creamy shade of white. 

One by one each woman would sit down with me and we would record these interviews about the lesson they keep learning over and over again. The lessons were deep and heart-felt and no two were the same. But their message was always to find and EMBRACE the lesson. 


I realized.. the split-second image in my mind -on that hallway- was a glimpse into the future… and everything I’m about to do with Season 3 and beyond is the incubator to get there.


But part of that vision – both the look and the concept– are gonna be there for Season 3.…

  1. You’ll see a lot more white in Season 3. I’ve found that in the last year I’ve been so drawn to that color. There’s something about it that feels so pure and peaceful. It feels quiet. In a way it’s surrender. White just allows things to happen. It allows the joy with the suffering. White just feels fresh – and in a way I feel like that’s what we’re bringing in these conversations – a fresh look or a new perspective on what you’ve been through. Some of these conversations are intense, but they don’t have to be heavy. White just feels lighter.
  2. Also - if you watch the episodes on Youtube or follow me on Instagram at @ampstigator, you’ve seen that I move locations each season. So, each grouping of episodes have their own look. I’m doing that again for Season 3.
    I could very easily stay in the same place season-to-season, but changing it up keeps it fresh for me. And it’s all about inspiration! I’ve told you - there will be no action without inspired action. So, moving locations is just fun and inspiring for me to try something new each time. 


If you’re a faithful listener of AMPstigator, here’s where I think you’ll feel the difference. I’m affectionately saying that Season 3 is *NO BOYS ALLOWED*. I’m sitting down with my closest friends and collaborators, all women, to talk mainly about life-lessons with the goal of sharing wisdom


We’ll laugh, we’ll talk, we’ll drink, and we’ll share. 


I’m really excited about it because, there’s nothing I’ve ever done that feels more closely aligned with who I am as a person than this. 

I’m obsessed with women. 


I feel so strongly that women are the containers of wisdom. We hold it. We pass it down. Think about all the things a woman has to teach another woman. About your cycle. About pregnancy and childbirth. About breast-feeding. That’s just *survival*. 


What about the encouragement and the perspective we get from other women? What about the lessons we share with each other? What about the support we give to each other. It’s different than what we get from men.


There’s always been a feminine wisdom. There’s always been divinity and beauty there. There’s always been a free-flow of creativity and love. There’s always been a balance - a foil to a masculine energy. But I think there’s been a deficit. Not because we’ve forgotten how to do those things… more so because for a while we haven’t valued those things. 


My friend Shannon Schottler from Episode 18, The Illuminator, talked about these feminine concepts as something she’s learning and teaching right now. So, if this feels like something you’re experiencing check out Episode 18.


So, these are conversations I’m having constantly with my friends and I want to share them with you on AMPstigator. 


In Season 3, you’ll hear from CEO’s, authors, attorneys, doctors, a country music manager, and TV people TO NAME A FEW. 

They’re high-achieving, they’re diverse, and they’re my close friends. They’re having these same profound thoughts about what it really means to be strong enough to evolve. To embrace their femininity and to embrace the lessons we learn along the way.


In the past two seasons, I’ve played the game “Best Time/Worst Time” where I ask the same series of questions to each person so you can understand where they’re coming from. I’m modifying that for Season 3… because what I really want to get to is this: WHAT’S THE LESSON HERE?


Because there are certain lessons we learn over and over again. I have a lesson that I learned at 19.. Then again at 28 and then at 36. 

So, what life lesson does an ICU doctor learn over and over? How about a runner-therapist-mom? What’s she learning? How about my friend who helmed and sold a start-up in 18 months? These women are amazing. But their hearts… they’re depths of wisdom. That’s what makes them incredible. And that’s why I feel like it’s time you hear the conversations I’m having - not just when the cameras aren’t rolling - but the ones I’m having with my close friends, behind closed doors. 


There’s so much wisdom that we -as women- can share with each other. It’s time we do that. It’s time we take our place as emissaries of deep-rooted wisdom that helps propel and encourage other women. 


These lessons will show you how to alchemize what we go through. How we can bring people with us as we rise. 

The truth is women have always done this. I think we need to stop looking at “bringing people along” as something that slows us down, but rather something that makes us strong and unstoppable.


You can help me with that, too – by the way – when you hear an episode that makes you think of someone you know, send it to them! Encourage them! That’s propelling the message and the vision of AMPstigator.   


So mark your calendar. Do an entry for September 6th. We’re going all-in on women and wisdom. We’ll laugh, we’ll talk, we’ll over-share and we’ll feel deeply what makes us powerful:................. our ability to connect with, to learn, and to teach each other. 


I’m so proud of where AMPstigator is heading for this next season and I’m excited for you to join in. If you’re not already on my email list, this is the perfect time to sign up. You can do that on OR send me a direct email and I’ll get you going: [email protected]


If you’re on my email list, you’ll receive behind-the-scenes pictures and videos showing you exactly what episodes are coming out and get you excited for this cool new plan for Season 3.


I won’t be putting out any new episodes until September 6th as I start recording and editing episodes for the next season - so email is the only way to stay connected - plus pics here-and-there on the ‘gram. 


But the countdown is on. You’ll get to see more of the vision that popped in my head on that underground hallway just before my enchilada leftover lunch. And I can’t think of anyone I’d rather share it with than you. 


As always, I encourage you to shine your light. Be warm. Be bright. Lead with your heart. And live life purposefully.

I’ll see you September 6th.

I’m Lauren Lowrey and this is AMPstigator.

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